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Dream Your Destiny

These past two years have been an incredible time for Danny and there is more to come!
Launching the album, music videos, touring through BC on multiple trips, performing on the road in Alberta & Saskatchewan AND a nomination for a Western Canadian Music Award.  Watch for his upcoming dates (below) as he just may be coming to your town in the near future. 

Sharing an intimate portrait of personal experience and emotions with his songs and stories, Danny always brings a heartfelt performance to every stage he visits.  With over two decades of performing live original music in Alberta, and abroad, he is no stranger to sharing about life experience through song.

Today, along with a production company, he operates an intimate home recording studio, and has been expanding his understanding of sound healing and music therapy, working primarily with adults with special needs and those in recovery from addiction.

An Album of Songs - A Story of Hope

Dream Your Destiny, is an offering of 13 heart based songs that are woven together with acoustic guitars and feature accompaniment from some of Canada’s top musicians including

Shaun Verreault, Chad Melchert, Travis Switzer, Matthew Atkins, Dustin Roy, Dan Shinnan,

Aron Gillman, Kyle Wilson and Sheldon Bekolay. 

The recording is a chronological walk through the life of a young man who finds music and love, creates a family and loses it all to addiction. In that process he finds a new way to live as a grown man, connected to Spirit. He is gifted many blessings, returning to his true self, honouring his purpose and his loved ones, one day at a time in recovery. 

This is a story of hope. 

"My wish is that this message will translate for others struggling with the disease of addiction,

that they may also find a life of connection. 

It is possible if we learn to follow our heart and dare to dream."

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Danny Floyd Cole

Danny Floyd Cole
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Little One - Walk Doc Short
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Dream Your Destiny - Danny Floyd Cole (Official Music Video)
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Naive - Danny Floyd Cole - (Official Music Video)
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Dream Your Destiny

Film & Post by Daelan Wood
at Lake Minnewanka in the Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park, Alberta
A message of hope for manifesting the future you dream of.
Moving toward a destiny that is aligned with your highest purpose and passion without any limitations.
Matthew Atkins - Drums
Dustin Roy - Bass
Vocals and all other instruments by Danny Floyd Cole

Naive, the fourth single from Dream Your Destiny
Film & Post by Daelan Wood
at the North Saskatchewan River - south of Stony Plain, Alberta
A love song about finding new perspective, re-framing limiting beliefs and opening up to Spirit.
Matthew Atkins - Drums
Vocals and all other instruments by Danny Floyd Cole

Marbles, the second single from Dream Your Destiny
A song about massive transformation from darkness into the light.
Kyle Wilson - Drums
Dustin Roy - Bass
Vocals and all other instruments by Danny Floyd Cole

In Lak'ech, the third single from Dream Your Destiny
This is a song about dynamic change.  Documenting an epic, real life journey with spiritual guide,
Miguel Angel Vergara, as he imparts the teachings of transformation, transmutation and realization.
Miguel shares his knowledge of the sacred mayan site of Uxmal, Yucatan, Mexico.
The footage was all captured in the summer of 2015 and shortly after,
the journey of recovery began for Danny.

Featuring Aron Gillman on lead guitar, Chad Melchert on drums and Travis Switzer on bass.

 Appleseeds, debut single from Dream Your Destiny
Filmed and produced by Javier Salazar,

featuring Danny’s sons, Isaiah and Andrew, the inspiration for Appleseeds.
This track features award winning musicians,
Chad Melchert on drums and Travis Switzer on bass.
Appleseeds is a gratitude song to honour and recognize the gifts that we welcome

into our life as we grow and change throughout the endless journey
toward eternal Love.
This philosophy synchronistically aligns with the the launch of the debut album
Dream Your Destiny.


Danny’s career as a recording artist initiated at a young age; his first full-length album was released in 1996 with pop punk trio, floyd.  In ’98 after graduating from Radio & Television Arts at NAIT, he began working professionally as an audio engineer/music producer at the award winning studio, Homestead Recorders, under the legendary Barry Allen.  A few years later, Danny fronted the band Coldspot; they released a full-length disc and followed it up with an AFA funded second release, Like There Was No Tomorrow, in 2005.  Danny also contributed bass guitar and vocals on two full-length recordings in the band, Drive the Day.  The project Calan & Cole never officially released any recordings but Jamie and Danny still write and perform together and have plans to make some of their original material available to the world under the band name, Redemption.

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